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Archived Radio Interviews - Lucita Cumberbatch, Wedding Manager
Lucita Cumberbatch
Almond Casuarina Resort
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Lucita Cumberbatch, Wedding Manager was on the June 19, 2011 "Travel with Stephanie Abrams!" Radio Show in hour 1.

Audio Summary:
June 19, 2011: - 8:29 minute segment. Lucita was born and educated in Barbados and immigrated to United States as a teenager. She attended Taylor’s Business College in New York, where she earned an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration and Accounting. She has worked with Pelican Grand Beach Resort in the US as the Administrative Assistant to the President and a group of Sales Personnel. Lucita was introduced to wedding planning during her ownership of Leona’s Boutique in Barbados. Numerous customers ordered wedding gowns through her company and also began asking for assistance in wedding organizing of food, hair, decoration and transportation and she already had contacts in each specialty. Lucita has been a wedding planner since 2001 and has acted a Wedding Coordinator at Almond Resorts Inc. since 2007. Lucita says, "I just love to hear a happy couple say, 'Lucita this is perfect, this is more than we expected'".

Learn all about the wedding and honeymoon packages available at Almond Casuarina Resort from Wedding Manager Lucita Cumberbatch. The resort can accomadate wedding parties that range in size from two to one hundred and fifty. They also have some wedding and honeymoon specials including some ways to get a free wedding or honeymoon package with your stay.

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