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Italy's First and Only Female Rabbi Offering Jewish Services Online and in Greece

Rabbi Barbara Aiello is Italy's first and only female rabbi. She lives and works in Italy and offers a variety of Jewish services through, a company she created 15 years ago, when she returned to her Jewish roots in Italy. At Synagogue Ner Tamid del Sud, Rabbi Barbara offers destination Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies along with a special Bar and Bat Mitzvah program each August on the Greek island of Rhodes, where teens experience their ceremony in the oldest synagogue in Greece.

Rabbi Barbara, along with her team of archivists and demographers to help those with Italian heritage determine if their surnames indicate Jewish roots. The company also organizes tours, "Southern Italy Through Jewish Eyes," which includes a synagogue visit and lecture.

Contact information:

Address: Serrastretta, Calabria Region, Italy

Visit: online at

Archived Radio Interviews - Rabbi Barbara Aiello, Rabbi
Rabbi Barbara Aiello
Rabbi Barbara Aiello, Rabbi was on the December 9, 2018 "Travel with Stephanie Abrams!" Radio Show in hour 1.

Barbara's Bio:
Rabbi Barbara Aiello is the first and only woman rabbi in Italy. In addition she is the first and only modern liberal rabbi who lives and works in Italy, where she serves congregation Ner Tamid del Sud, The Eternal Light of the South, the first active syn... Read Full Bio

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Rabbi Barbara Aiello was also on the December 8, 2018 "Travelers411" Radio Show in hour 1.

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