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Anne Undeland

Anne Undeland, Playwright and Actor, WAM Theatre, Based in Berkshires of western Massachusetts and eastern New York, USA.

Anne's Full Bio:
ANNE UNDELAND (Playwright) WAM Theatre: Lady Randy. Facing our Truth. Writing: As a playwright Anne is an active member of Berkshire Voices, Berkshire Playwrights Lab’s writing group, and Howl Playwrights out of Rhinebeck, NY. Her short plays, The Kiss and Another Party of the Wood, were selected for Berkshire Playwrights Lab’s Radius Festival in 2018 and 2019. The Kiss won best play at Writer’s Voice Ten Minute Play Festival at the West Side Y in New York in the spring of 2018. She is currently at work on Touch, an evening of sketches that feature a woman over 50 who drives the action and gets the bulk of the funny lines. Lady Randy is her first full length play.

Actor's bio:
ANNE UNDELAND (Jennie Jerome) WAM THEATRE: Lady Randy, Facing our Truth. Elsewhere: Oldcastle Theatre (Israel Potter), Ancram Opera House (Performing Olana), Ventfort Hall (Open Marriage, Paris 1890-Unlaced!, The Belle of Amherst, Xingu, Fanny Kemble’s Lenox Address), Mixed Company (Marcus is Walking, Staying Afloat, Ten Minutes in the Berkshires), Stageworks (10 x 10). Radio: WBUR/Boston (Circle Round), BBC Radio (Four Trees Down by Ponte Sisto, The Club, The Loneliest Road), Australian Broadcasting Company (On the Shore Dimly Seen). Training: Shakespeare & Co Intensive, Mop and Bucket Company, Creatively Independent.

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Archived Radio Interviews - Anne Undeland, Playwright and Actor, WAM Theatre
Anne Undeland
Anne Undeland
WAM Theatre
Anne Undeland, Playwright and Actor, WAM Theatre was on the April 27, 2019 "Travelers411" Radio Show in hour 1.

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