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Kevin Duncan, Area Ranger North Coast, UK National Trust, Based in Cushendun, Northern Ireland, UK.

Kevin's Full Bio:
Kevin Duncan grew up on his family-owned farm nestled in the Glens of Antrim, not far from where he now works as National Trust countryside ranger. The best part of the job, he says, is the role he has in safeguarding the landscape - and inspiring others to take care of it, too.

"I have the opportunity to empower others to value the natural environment," said Kevin. "Individuals have the capacity to improve its fate. That’s one of the most rewarding and fulfilling parts of working for the National Trust".

"Some say variety is the spice of life and with my job as an area ranger you certainly get that," said Kevin. "That’s what I love the most".

When he’s not at work responding to flooding crises, surveying storm damage, or delivering community talks, Kevin loves nothing better than lacing up his hiking boots and setting off to explore the square-miles of Irish countryside he has yet to discover. "I’m definitely at my happiest on top of a mountain peak taking in the beauty of the landscape which surrounds me. Any opportunity I get is spent in the great outdoors".

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Archived Radio Interviews - Kevin Duncan, Area Ranger North Coast, UK National Trust
Kevin Duncan
Kevin Duncan
UK National Trust
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Kevin Duncan, Area Ranger North Coast, UK National Trust was on the May 14, 2016 "Travelers411" Radio Show in hour 2.

Audio Summary:
Explore Cushendun Village and the Antrim Coast of Northern Ireland with Kevin Duncan from the UK National Trust. Learn about visiting the area and its unique history and friendly people.

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