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Robert Rauch, President, CEO and Founder, RAR Hospitality, San Diego, California, USA.

Robert's Bio:
Robert Rauch is an internationally-recognized hotelier, CEO, president and founder of RAR Hospitality, a leading hospitality management and consulting firm based in San Diego. Rauch has over 40 years of hospitality-related management experience in all facets of the industry. Widely renowned as the "Hotel Guru," Mr. Rauch maintains a website that he has sustained for 20 years where he expounds upon insights and trends in the hospitality industry on When he releases his forecasts ... Read Full Bio

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Archived Radio Interviews - Robert Rauch, President, CEO and Founder, RAR Hospitality
Robert Rauch
Robert Rauch
RAR Hospitality
Robert Rauch, President, CEO and Founder, RAR Hospitality was on the February 4, 2018 "Travel with Stephanie Abrams!" Radio Show in hour 2.

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