Africa Connect

Album Description: Our team travels regularly to Kitale Kenya, not for safari, but for a unique reason: 100 children, aged 3 to 10, in a preschool we support near the edge of their home, the Tuwani slum. Since 2004, our hearts and lives have been greatly enlarged by the friends we have made, the children we have hugged, the lives saved and the human drama we have shared in. Join us in a brief tour of what we do while in Kitale!

"Whatsoever you do unto the least of these, you have done it unto Me". Nothing brings more joy than serving these vulnerable little ones!
All 100 of "our kids" at Closing Ceremonies, as they are dismissed for holiday break. Each one of these children have been rescued from a desperate...
Wyckliffe, our school social worker, on a Home Visit.
Even when we are not there, our school staff regularly does home visits in Tuwani, to keep the parents connected with their child in the school, and...
Tuwani cell group
Since 2010 we have been offering a free class in Tailoring for the parents. We now have 9 machines, serving 16 students.
Though Kitale is located in a fertile agricultural area, those living in the slum have no land or means to grow their own food. AC brings in...
In addition to the preschool, we offer several programs to empower the parents of our students, ultimately changing the whole community. This is a...
kids in Kaisagat
Graceway pediatric area, Tuwani slum.
Clinic in Kaisagat
Many mothers bring in their children, so thankful to be able to have them treated for ailments that are common or severe.
a very sad case
In addition to the preschool, Africa Connect hosts medical teams every year, who go into rural villages where the residents have little or no medical...
Not a dry eye on the team.
The clean kids with new outfits, singing to us
A new uniform, shoes, and backpack make these boys feel like...Somebody! Which they certainly are.
Rose, showing off her new uniform.
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