Stephanie Abrams's album "CoronaVoyage2020:Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams/Corner Cottage, No.Ireland"

Album Title: CoronaVoyage2020:Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams/Corner Cottage, No.Ireland

Album Description: This is Corner Cottage located in Cairncastle, Larne, Northern ireland. It is available for rental and is owned by good friends, one of whom, Dr. Tim Campbell, is the Director of the Saint Patrick Centre in County Down, the only permanent exhibit to Patrick in the world. Corner Cottage is a traditional Irish farmhouse that dates back to at least 1760 when the first deeds for the house were recorded. The house pre-dates the American Revolution, referred to in British history books as, 'the Colonial Uprising." The house, now called Corner Cottage, has been in Tim's family for more about 100 years. A three year renovation and refurbishment that modernized the kitchen, bathrooms and saw to it that such modern amenities as WiFi and premium cable TV stations such as Netflix are available on the living room's flat screen TV. The secluded garden located off the kitchen has a babbling river running along the garden's border and, off the dining area in the living room, adjacent to the kitchen is another secluded area created by a walled enclosed courtyard. With three bedrooms, 2 baths, secluded exterior spaces, every comfort and amenity and located barely a mile from the Irish Sea which one can see standing at the corner of the property, this house was my first thought when looking for a safe haven for us to hideaway during our CoronaVoyage! Have a walk-thru below and be sure to visit for more detailed stories about this very unusual journey during these very unusual times. Note that Corner Cottage was my first choice as the place to sequester ourselves during our ensconcement in the place of our choice in Cairncastle, Larne, Northern Ireland. It looks like we could be here for some time and I couldn't have chosen a better spot!

IMG 6301 
The fireplace in the living room is made from granite curb stones that were once laid in Belfast, Northern Ireland and were cut from the...
IMG 6303 
The courtyard at Corner Cottage is gravel lined, has flower beds around a brick patio and walkway area that leads to a large red wooden...
IMG 6285 
This is the entry hallway. More about  the Dutch door at the entrance in my blog as I have Dutch-Door-Envy, a serious mental illness! Ahead...
IMG 6299
IMG 6300 
Outside the main bathroom on the second floor in the hallway at the top of the stairs is a signed limited edition print of a country scene...
IMG 6291 
Inside this bathroom you'll find an original piece by local artist Beth Cheney that winks at Dr. Tim Campbell's Grannie who lived in this...
IMG 6292 
This is Bedroom #2 adjacent to the main hall bathroom It's lovely!There is a set of original watercolor paintings of period cars reflecting...
IMG 6298 
Master Bathroom.
IMG 6296 
Master bedroom with window overlooking secluded garden.
IMG 6295 
The Master Bedroom's headboard is made from a wooden Gothic altar rail. Over the front window of this room you'll find hand painted shields...
IMG 6290
IMG 6284 
this is bedroom #3 located to the right  of the main entry hall. It has a ladies'  desk and bench that I've been using as a little study....
IMG 6289 
Ah, the marvelous kitchen! You'll find a dishwasher with ample space, a washer/dryer unit, two convection ovens, stove and microwave to...
IMG 6287 
Kitchen view looking toward the dining area.
IMG 6286 
Kitchen view looking toward the dining area.
IMG 6302 
Look closely to the right and you'll see the cocktail/ice cream table on the patio just outside  of the kitchen doors. This is a good view...
IMG 6297 
Maser bedroom bathroom. You'll find, in this very ample space, a huge shower with rainforest shower head plus hand-held shower head, a...
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