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Where am I now?:  San Francisco, California, USA
Places I Want To Visit:  In the USA: Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia and Alaska.
In Europe: Russia, Ukraine, Sweden and Hungary top my list, but basically I'd eventually like to at least visit every country.
In Asia: Japan, Taiwan, China and India top my list.
Places I Know Really Well:  Of course the places I've lived, though, NYC and San Francisco are so dense probably only a lifetime resident can really come close to enlightenment.
Places I have lived:  NYC; Sunderland, Massachusetts; Closter, New Jersey; San Francisco, California.
Places I have Visited:  In the USA every state but Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, West Virginia and Alaska so find those in my -Places I want to visit- list.
My Travel Plans:  Currently planning a cross-country US road trip, a visit to Belize and possibly Austrailia.

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My Real Name:  Dru Abrams
Gender:  Male
Interests and Hobbies:  Photography, Visual Arts, Skiing, Traveling, Beer and Food Tasting (total foody!).

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Occupation:  Creative Director for the Travelers411 Family of Brands.
Employer Name:  Travelers411
Company Location:  San Francisco, California, USA
Employer Website:  www.travelers411.com


Dru Abrams | Founder and CEO | Travelers411 Family of Brands www.travelers411.com | www.sabrams.com | www.travelingfeet.com | www.jetset411.com | www.travelers311.com | www.travelers911.com
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Posted on 03-18-2016  04:16 PM
tdeals New Travel Deals on the site.
Posted on 06-20-2010  11:20 AM
vesper Thanks very much! Although we have decided to put off our trip, for obvious reasons, all this information will be beneficial when we do ship out. Thanks again!
Posted on 07-02-2009  07:44 PM
Buttonwillow CHurch Nice to meet you...hope you get to visit us back in 1864 when you are in our area.
Steve and Allison, your hosts
Buttonwillow Church Civil War Dinner Theater
Posted on 02-08-2009  06:07 PM
bxquban76 hey were you at the ny times travel show today
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Blog title:  California Cruising!
Posted 08-01-2016 at 08:21 PM in category: Uncategorized Comments 0
I've driven all over the United States and California, where I live now, is still one of my favorite states for its sheer beauty and great automobile terrain. I live in San Francisco now and occasionally make the trip down to Los Angeles for business or to connect with friends. Once in Los Angeles, the traffic is worse than you've heard about with epic stretches of blacktop divvied into massive multi-lane highways and frequent stop-and-go traffic. So I'm clearly not much of an advocate for LA's
Blog title:  Back in Belize
Posted 04-09-2016 at 01:54 PM in category: Uncategorized Comments 0
Am enjoying a quick visit in Belize, a welcome respit from San Francisco life. This trip is pretty laid back and mostly in Punta Gorda in the south of the country. Today got a chance to visit the farmers market and see the results of a major reinvestment in the downtown vendor buildings that was just completed. This trip is going to be way too short, but no complaints.
Blog title:  Millbrae California
Posted 04-05-2014 at 07:02 PM in category: Uncategorized Comments 0
I recently took an amazing drive through the hills and valley's of Millbrae which is about 30 minutes south of San Francisco where I live. Let me tell you this area is GORGEOUS! Some of the rural roads are a little frightening and thilling. If you love driving on twisty mountain roads and are in the San Francisco area, then its worth a detour to take a pleasure drive through this area.
Blog title:  Belize in April
Posted 04-08-2009 at 08:10 AM in category: Uncategorized Comments 0
I'm just wrapping up my second trip to Belize, in a span of 2 months. The first trip was at the end of February and this one during the first week of April. This country is great and filled with friendly welcoming people.

I have a lot of friends here that I know through Karate and am staying with friends so my experiences haven't really been quite like they would be for a typical tourist. My favorite kind of travel is that which allows me to really understand the nature of a
This years show has concluded and, of course, we are already starting to plan for next years event. It looked like everyone was having a great time at the show and it was great meeting so many new people.

Don't be strangers! Drop me a line through the forums.

-Dru Abrams
Creative Director
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