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sarasmile 12-16-2009 02:20 PM

Two women going to
Thinking about a trip to [URL=""][COLOR="Black"]aruba[/COLOR][/URL], with a friend, has anyone been before?? If so what is your reviews Is it safe for two women to go on their own?


Stephanie Abrams 12-20-2009 03:01 PM

Traveling to Aruba
Dear Sara:
Before Natalie Holloway, Aruba was known as "the friendly island," a place that was safe and where the people were very friendly. Unfortunately, the intensive and constant coverage given to this tragic story is probably at the root of your question. The chances are, since you describe yourself as two women traveling together, that you will use better judgment than a teenage girl just barely out of high school with a bit more freedom and a bit less supervision than she should have had. I point this out because it is also tragic that this wonderful tourism destination seemed to get repositioned due to the sensational coverage given to this tragic story. And the worst part of this story is that it is focused on a number of teenagers all behaving badly and using bad judgment at 2 o'clock in the morning after being in places they shouldn't have been. It's a terrible shame that things unravelled the way they did but this is an isolated story from which Aruba got really terrible press as a destination that it didn't deserve. And there are television news networks that made a fortune by dwelling on sensationalizing the story.

I wouldn't hesitate to go to Aruba in a heartbeat. What I would remind you of is to keep your good horsesense about you and remember all the things mother told you for your safety any where you go in the world. That would include keeping your wits about you (don't over-indulge in drinking), don't walk down dark streets or on any isolated streets or beaches at night, and don't make yourself a "mark" with over the top 'bling' that attracts people looking for mischief! If you remember the film Dirty Rotten Scoundrel and the classic film To Catch a Thief, tourism areas are also attractive to people who travel there because they know that they'll interact with people who have discretionary money in their pockets and they'd like to find ways to relieve them of that money.

Here are some tips you might want to remember when you are traveling anywhere especially when you are women traveling:

Stay in places where your room is located off of an inside corridor rather than one where anyone can walk up to your door and walk in. There is more chance of security, security cameras and people around when you have a room that is off of an interior corridor.

Don't leave your room key in a beach robe hanging over the back of your beach chair on the beach or by the pool or on your blanket. A nasty trick for someone too interested in you and your possessions is to drop their room key into your robe and take your key out. They then follow you to your room and hang around while you go to the front desk to get a new key. You can figure out the rest of how that story goes.

None of this is meant to frighten you but the realities are that there are people even in your community who have mischief on their minds and your job is to make sure that you don't give them an opportunity to 'mess' with you! Bad guys want to hit, score and run and they are interested in quick success and efficiency. They look for easy, unsuspecting prey. Don't be an 'easy mark' and they'll hit on somebody else because that is what they are programmed to do. You do not have to be at the intersection 'there's the bad guy' and 'I'm easy prey.'

And lastly, do not flash lots of cash or credit cards. Never hang your purse on the back of the chair you are sitting on. Do all the same things you would do at home to move safely through the world and you will have a wonderful time and come home safe, sound and revitalized.

If you go to our Photo Gallery at [url][/url], check out the Aruba photo galleries. The last time I was in Aruba, I stayed at the Aruba Marriott. It's a wonderful place with a terrific management team. The pool area and beach area are beautiful and you can see photos of both in our Photo Gallery. Also, here in Forums, click on Member Photos and you'll find photos that Aruba Marriott has placed in their photo album. I loved it there and I think you will to!

Let me know what dates you are planning go to Aruba and where you're planning to stay. Also, be careful about choosing your hotel as some hotels show you great photos of beaches giving you the impression that they are right on the beach but the hotel is in the middle of a 'downtown' commercial area and the beach is a good walk across a busy street. I'd suggest you speak with a travel agent before you finalize your plans.

sarasmile 01-07-2010 12:32 PM

Hi Stephanie,
Thank you so much for your advice! We'll see about the trip as I'm one of the many who've seen their business slow down. I still want go but might look for somewhere a little more economical to get to. Thanks again for your great advice!!


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