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pmbkg 05-18-2011 08:28 PM

I want the James Taylor tickets and hotel because
Dear Stephanie,

I want the James Taylor Tickets for my wife Marie Gormalley because she is retiring this June after 40 years ( 1970 ) of teaching first grade in the Town of Lee, Massachusetts Elementary School. In 1970, Marie was the last Teacher to teach in Lee's one room Schoolhouse for several years.

After School and weekends she volunteered for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, was Chairperson of Boy Scout Troop Committee for 15 years and brought at least 12 Boy's from Cub Scouts to Eagle Scouts.


Pat Gormalley

Travelers411 Staff 07-30-2011 05:22 PM

Travelers411 Radio Show Prize Winner on the air
We were happy to have Pat on the air with us on the "Travelers411" Radio Show to congratulate him on winning James Taylor Tickets at Tanglewood.

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