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December 24, 2011 - Travelers411 Discussion Threads
[B]Show Topics Include: [/B]

Travel Expert and Show Host Stephanie Abrams broadcasts from County Galway, Ireland, where during a walk she stumbled upon the ruins of Aughnanure Castle, and a local resident joins her to talk about some of the local history. Then from Dublin the Managing Director of Shanahan's on the Green tells about some of the American presidential memorabilia found in the restaurant's Oval Office Bar. Stephanie talks with the General Manager of the Westwood House Hotel in Galway about what makes the property and Galway themselves special places to visit. The Westwood House Hotel's Executive Chef shares some insight into Irish cuisine and what's available at the hotel. And Vikki Corliss from has some advice for holiday travelers.

[B]Guest Threads Include: [/B]

[B]Liam Caffrey[/B], Galway Resident, Visitor to Aughnanure Castle, Oughterard, County Galway, Ireland.

[B]Martin Clegg[/B], Managing Director, Shanahan's on the Green, Dublin, Ireland.

[B]David Kelly[/B], General Manager, Westwood House Hotel, Galway, Ireland.

[B]Kieran Coakley[/B], Executive Chef, Westwood House Hotel, Galway, Ireland.

[B]Vikki Corliss[/B], Director of Public Relations,, Based in Warwick, Rhode Island, USA.

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