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Travelers411 Staff 3 11-01-2011 05:15 AM

October 15, 2011 - Travelers411 Radio Show Discussion Threads
[B]Show Topics Include: [/B]

Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams learns about the history of Irish coffee in America from its immigration to San Francisco, discovers the secret to her favorite mussels at the Berkshire Crowne Plaza Hotel in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, then finds out what's new at the Hotel Phillips in Kansas City, Missouri and more about what Kansas City has to offer. She talks upcoming holiday theater in Lenox, Massachusetts from Shakespeare & Company, holiday cruises in Boston, discusses great new changes in Boston's air and sea ports, and checks out what's new at

[B]Guest Threads Include: [/B]

[B]Larry Silva[/B], General Manager, Buena Vista Cafe, Fisherman's Wharf, San Francisco, California, USA.

[B]Chef Lee Masten[/B], Executive Chef, Berkshire Crowne Plaza Hotel, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, USA.

[B]Dan Bergmann[/B], General Manager, Hotel Phillips, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

[B]Tony Simotes[/B], Artistic Director and President, Shakespeare & Company, Lenox, Massachusetts, USA.

[B]Bob Lawler[/B], General Manager, Entertainment Cruises - Boston, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

[B]David Mackey[/B], Interim CEO, Massachusetts Port Authority, Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

[B]Jim Grace[/B], President & CEO,

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