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Default Thread Title:  California Wine Tours

Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
Me and my hubby also planning to travel in California, to visit his daughter that lives there. If you find a nice place of California Wine please posted it, I want to see one too if we visit.
Along the Napa and Sonoma Rivers are wonderful wineries to visit. At some of them, you can have lunch in a picnic area with trellises over head and grape vines hanging down that are something like you'd find in Tuscany! Tattinger's vineyard looks like a chateau in France, while others look like Italian palatial manor houses. There are tours you can take or drive on your own.

Dru was referring to a wine cruise we took that was lovely. . . a little pricey but very worthwhile when you consider that the three days/two nights included the following:
sail from San Francisco Harbor under the Golden Gate Bridge to the Napa/Sonoma Rivers vineyards. You slept and dined on the ship which was more like a big yacht and when you stopped near vineyards there was a motorcoach waiting for the passengers to take you in air conditioned comfort to the wineries where your VIP tour was waiting for you without having to wait to get in as you might if you went alone. Wine tastings and some lunches at wineries were included. At one winery, we had lunch by candleight for the 55 in our group from the ship in a wine cave. There were so many wine glasses at each place setting there almost wasn't room for the plates and silverware! There was one wine with each course and all around you couldn't help but have a wonderful time!

The company we sailed with was Cruise West. One of the things they do is have a wine expert on board for orientations, explanations, and answering questions so by the time you arrive at the wineries you actually are quite sophisticated in your ability to evaluate what's good from what's not as well as what pairs well with various kinds of foods.

Let me know if you take a cruise, a motorcoach tour or if you wing it as individuals. If you stay in the area, which is quite hilly like in France and Tuscany as opposed to the way it looks in Santa Maria, Santa Inez and Lompoc Valleys where you saw the vineyards in the film, "Sideways," you might want to check out the Marriott Napa Valley. I didn't stay there because we slept on the ship, which was more like a big yacht that held 74 when filled to capacity, but I've interviewed the management f that hotel and looked at what they have to offer and the place looks like a place I'd be happy at!

Hope this helps!
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