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Although India is a beautiful country but there are many things that people coming from other countries take for granted, about safety issues. SO, before traveling to India please check out these essential tips:

1. It is better to take a prepaid taxi or even a radio cab from one of the registered counters inside the airport.

2. It would also make sense to do an online search for hotels and places to stay before planing trip.

3. It is also better to divide your money into different places. Instead of keeping lot of cash; it is better to use debit/credit/ATM cards and travelerís checks.

4. Stay away from lonely places after the sun sets. A lot of unsocial elements hang around such places and chances of crimes go up.

5. Do not carry your passport and valuables in a carry bag but wear it next to your skin. So, just in case, your bag gets stolen, your passport is with you. There can be nothing worse than losing your passport in a foreign country.

6. Keep a copy of all your important documents and phone numbers especially of your countryís embassy, with you in case of any emergency.

7. Carry your medicines and list of the generic names of the medicines, in case you need to buy more in India.

8. Be alert in crowds and market places as chances of pick pocketing are high.
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