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Default Thread Title:  August 1, 2009 - Traveling Feet Radio Show Changes Name to Travelers411

Boston, MA – July 2009 – Travel expert host of the nationally syndicated radio show ‘Traveling Feet,’ Stephanie Abrams, announced today the show’s renaming. Effective Saturday, August 1st, the show will be called ‘Travelers411,’ as part of the planned growth and coordination between Abrams’ radio shows and internet offerings. According to Abrams, “ will continue to be my official website and a member of the family of brands of the websites in our group with being the umbrella and hub of our web offerings.”

Abrams explains that the newly named Travelers411 radio show will continue with the same production team, same focus and same quality of excellence in programming that listeners have become accustomed to expecting from the two-hour weekly show over the last four years. “It seemed like a natural opportunity to focus on the branding of our internet development of with the repetition of the name through our radio programming and marketing of that show,” Abrams notes.

All of the more than 200 archived radio shows that were formerly Traveling Feet are now archived within the site. Abrams’ three-hour nationally syndicated Sunday show, Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams, now in its eighth year on the air, continues to be archived at as well.

“ provides a place for travelers and people in the travel industry to communicate in discussions and through answering questions from travelers about destinations. is a place for the real experts in travel, the people who deliver the destinations, the services, the suppliers in the industry, to interface directly with those interested in their destination to get the up-to-the-minute information travelers need to maximize their experiences in the most positive way,” Abrams explains. “Visitors to have the opportunity to create their own photo galleries in the Members Photos section of with limitless numbers of photos and to post their comments and questions about destination in the FORUMS. Weekly contests are posted at the forums with the current travel award being a stay at the Westin St. Francis in San Francisco.

“’s Members Photos section has just started and it has taken off in grand style,” Abrams notes. “ We have invited guests on my radio shows to post photos of their destination, resort, or attraction of interest to travelers in that photo gallery so radio listeners can check out the places we are talking about while we are on the air or while they are listening to an archived interview on the site. Tourist boards, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, attractions and travelers with photos of their last happy holiday are all welcome to post their photos and it’s easy to do once you give yourself a User ID and Password and click to create your gallery.

The directions are posted and you can see by how many places have already taken advantage of the invitation that it’s not complicated to do! Just as the archives of the interviews I’ve done from over 1000 hours of radio broadcasting since we went on the air in July, 2002, have created the most incredible, valuable and unique audio archive of interviews with leaders in the travel industry, we expect that will expand that dialogue, photos and other information from contributions travelers who frequent the site. It’s also my honor and privilege,” Abrams concludes, “to jump into the fray and post replies filled with what I hope will be valuable information for those who have posted their questions and comments so that we can have noteworthy conversations.

I love the idea of visitors to feeling that they have the inside track to valuable information and that’s why, when I post a reply to a web visitor’s question, I sign it from ‘your personal travel expert.’ The web can be an impersonal place and is focusing on the bridge between people interested in traveling and the bridge from listeners to my radio shows, including the show now called Travelers411!” Abrams concludes.
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