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Default Thread Title:  California fires.

Originally Posted by adamjhuathan View Post
I heard that California is affected with forest fire. How is it now?. Is the fire undercontrol to visit there. How about Smoke effect?
California is a HUGE state. Even when there were raging fires in near San Diego, it didn't effect the area where a traveler/tourist would be. Unfortunately, the TV news media and most radio news and newpapers made it sound like San Diego had burned to the ground and that the place was not fit for anything that breathed.

Since the world changes minute to minute, focus in on where you really want to go and check on the local conditions there. Chances are good, with a state as big as California, the area you are interested in visiting is uneffected.

Another way to get up to the minute real information is to choose a good hotel in the region you are interested in visiting, call the hotel and ask for the concierge. No matter what your question or concern, you'll get a good answer. If you are concerned about proximity of fire and good air quality, tell the concierge you will be traveling with someone who has sensitivity to poor air quality and wondered if the area is affected by smoke from California fires you've heard so much about. Without even knowing where you want to go, I'm putting my money on the answer that the fires are no where near wherever you pick! But using that approach will get you an answer from a real person who is right there on site and not info from someone in a newsroom of a newspaper 2500 miles away who is looking for something sensational to sell papers!

Let us know where you decide you're going! Maybe we can make some cool recommendations on what to do/what to see, etc.

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