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Default Thread Title:  The Good News Just Keeps Comin' In for the Senior Class of Webber Township HS!

Dear Hearts:
Your Stephanie Abrams Travel Fairy Godmother still has some tricks up her magic sleeve! In addition to your Three Days and Two Nights at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel in Branson, Missouri, I'm happy to tell you that you'll start your day off well each of the two mornings you wake up there because each of the students participating will be getting two vouchers, each good for a nice hearty breakfast at the Hilton to start your day off right! So don't plan to oversleep or you'll miss breakfast and that would be dreadful!
I just might not be done yet so keep watching for news as it dribbles in . . .
Hugs to one and all. . .
Your Travel Fairy Godmother. . .
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