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Default Thread Title:  Thanks for the encouragement with my new novel RUMORS!

I am just thrilled by the first reviews coming out about my first novel, RUMORS. Several people have told me they are waiting for the sequel, the movie, the TV series! One person compared the level of its compelling page-turner quality to "Rosemary's Baby!!" That was hot!

If you go to it will take you directly to the page to check out RUMORS in print or Kindle copies at Click on Kindle (even if you're interested in print) and then on the image of the book on the Kindle page and the first 5 chapters will appear on your computer screen for you to have a "test drive" of the book. Based on the feedback I've been getting, you're going to love it!

I'm going to start working on the sequel soon!

Please post a note here at Ask Stephanie to let me know your thoughts about the book once you've read it!!
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