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Default Thread Title:  My novel, "RUMORS," is Now Available 'Round the World!

Marga, I hope you've read RUMORS! The reviews have been sensational. I see it as a terrific film because it's a fast-paced story and some of the amazing scenes that would make incredible visuals on film!

I've learned that RUMORS is available at booksellers in the Ireland, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and India as well as the US and Canada. Here are links to some of those booksellers:

For Australia: Booktopia:

For New Zealand: Fishpond:

Also in New Zealand: MightyApe:

For India: Bookadda:

For South Africa: Kalahari:

For the UK: The Book Depository:

For the US, try:

Barnes & Noble:

I can't wait to hear from people worldwide to learn their reaction to "RUMORS" and to talk with them about their questions and comments!

RUMORS is available in print and eBooks in Kindle, Nook, and ePublished in PDF! Easy for travelers on the go to have a compelling downtown companion!

Now I can not only sign off as Your Personal Travel Expert but also as Author!
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