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Default Thread Title:  Protecting your health while traveling in India. . .

Firstly, get permission from your doctor to travel this long-haul trip to India and get specific information related to your condition including any medications you should have with you and suggestions specifically for you including how to keep your circulatory system in tip-top shape while you are in the air. Ask your doctor about compression stockings and exercises you can do in the air, in the airport and while traveling to keep you and your baby healthy. Also ask your doctor for references and recommendations of physicians and hospitals in India and if he has any suggestions in that regard.

Generally speaking, when concerned about health and special conditions while traveling in India, travelers should follow these recommendations:
1. Stay only in the big cities and avoid remote, rural, countryside locations. Try to confine your stay to Delhi, Bombay, and Calcutta for this reason.
2. Stay only in 4 or 5 star hotels. These hotels generally have their own resident doctors or doctors on call that are reputable and reliable.
3. Choose a hotel that is very near to a hospital in the city you choose. Traffic in cities in India is often grid-locked, making a quick trip to a hospital next to impossible. To assure that you can reach a hospital quickly in an emergency, select a hotel that is within blocks, rather than within miles, of a hospital.
4. The doctors in hospitals in India speak English fluently. Most are US trained. The quality of the medical care in city hospitals in India is reported to be excellent. However, you do not want to be admitted to a hospital in the countryside or in remote areas as your experience is almost guaranteed to disappoint your expectations for care, comfort and competence.
5. Do not travel from one part of India to another by any means other than air transportation. You do not want to get stuck somewhere along the way between one city and another, in general, but especially in your condition!

AND, I highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance that covers medical evacuation which would air lift you in a flying hospital room with medical team to the hospital of your choice even if thatís at home and not the nearest hospital available if thatís what you prefer, and covers trip cancellation, trip interruption and cancellation for any reason that might occur. Itís also important to have insurance coverage to protect your travel investment and to protect you from additional expenses that might be incurred from delays that may happen during your travels that cause you to miss your flights or have to stay longer due to unforeseen circumstances. You might want to visit the site or telephone the call center of which is a one-stop shopping experience for the right travel insurance for you including medical evacuation.
Let me know if you have any other questions and weíll do our best to help you get set for your journey!
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