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Default Thread Title:  Protecting your health and your travels

I think Stephanie covered the bases pretty well but just to reiterate, travel insurance is more than a luxury it's a necessity for protecting yourself and your journey.

Travel Medical Policies provide emergency medical coverage in the event of injury or illness and are the most popular plans purchased by people going abroad. These plans also provide emergency medical evacuation coverage for transport to a proper care facility and can be purchased for travel up to a year in length.

Medical Evacuation coverage can be purchased as a stand alone policy or it may be included in comprehensive travel policies. It provides evacuation to the nearest appropriate care facility or, in some cases, to your hospital of choice depending on the company and plan.

Package Policies are a prudent selection for those seeking to protect their trip investment. These policies offer the broadest protection, including coverage for trip cancellation, interruption, baggage and travel delay, as well as medical and emergency evacuation.

Cancel For Any Reason coverage may be included in some Package Policies while others offer it as an optional add-on. It is an optional benefit that empowers travelers to cancel trips for any reason of their choosing including sudden unemployment, schedule conflicts, even bad weather, up to two days prior to departure. “Cancel For Any Reason” policies vary by company and must be purchased within 15 days of your initial trip deposit.

Lastly, knowledge is power so please contact to learn more about protecting your trip. We have an expert team of licensed representatives waiting to help you. Bon Voyage!

Jim Grace

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