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Default Fitting in your own skin

I guess we all tailor our karate to suit our body type or even mindset after a while. Our instructors generally teaches us in a fairly cookie cutter way which is not bad to iron out the bad habits that tends to occur.
That said,I reckon that most senior karatekas tend to develop their sub-style as time goes by. Is that good or bad? I would say that it could go both ways. I personally took a little bit from my two instructors but because of my size and the fact that I trained with guys who were naturally stronger and had a longer reach than me, I had to find ways to compensate. Also,being a person who shied away from tournaments and shows, I tend to love kihon and tai-sabaki drills as opposed to flashy kumite and katas.....and then lo and behold...I got pretty good at both!!!
Anyway,the argument would be,t what point do the individual start deviating? After how many years of training? By how much should one move from the centre? And at what point does one deviates so much that they think they have to put a name to it? We seems to have that problem in Belize....
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