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Variety cruises offers travelers exciting small ship and yacht vacations with itineraries in Greece, Turkey, Cuba, Panama, Costa Rica, Cayman Islands, Cape Verde and more.

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Default Thread Title:  Bairro Bar and Lounge in the Portuguese Quarter of Hamburg

Neustadt - Portugiesisches Viertel
Ditmar-Koel-Strasse 24
20459 Hamburg

Portuguese Inspired Bar, Cafe, and Lounge in Neustadt, the Portuguese Quarter of Hamburg

Bairro is a bar, lounge, and tapas cafe located in the Neustadt district of Hamburg, a short walk from the main Hamburg Harbor area. Neustadt is a central neighborhood in Hamburg that includes the Portuguese Quarter (Portugiesisches Viertel). Nearly every restaurant, bar, and cafe in the area is Portuguese, Spanish, or Brazilian in origin. The Bairro Alto is the name of the very popular and lively nighttime district in Lisbon, Portugal. The Portuguese Quarter is an excellent spot for experiencing the Hamburg nightlife, and is conveniently located for visitors to take advantage of while visiting the city's center. It's just a few blocks inland from the Hamburg Harbor and Landungsbrücken quay area.

The Bairro bar in Hamburg is special because of the extremely comfortable atmosphere of the establishment, staff, and clientele. In the evenings it's lit with soft, warm red and pink lights and candles, and the decor includes pillow covered chairs and benches in colorful Portuguese styles. It's got a distinctive Hamburg flair however, with city photos of recognizable and symbolic sights such as the harbor adorning the walls, along with decorations of anchor sculptures and nautical symbols.

The comfortable lounge setting and atmosphere (aided by a mix of Spanish and Portuguese music with some reggae thrown in) makes it a great place to either begin an evening out in the city's famous nightlife scene, or to relax and wind down at the end of it. Bairro is very comfortable for hanging out for awhile, but its immediate proximity to so many other Portuguese bars, restaurants, and hangout spots tend to make it one of multiple stops on an evening out, particularly on the busy weekend nights in the neighborhood.

They serve coffees, cocktails, a tapas menu, and plenty of beer, including Astra, the locally brewed variety. In addition to being the proud Hamburg specialty, the Astra at Bairro is also very reasonably priced, making it a perfect choice for enjoying while in Hamburg.

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