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The Quiet Man Museum, Tours & Giftshop and Michaeleen's Manor B&B are part of Cong Holiday Group, a family run business developed by Gerry, Margaret & Lisa Collins. Gerry & Margaret met when they worked in Ashford Castle recently voted as one of world's most luxurious hotels. Gerry & Margaret have worked tirelessly over the last 35 years promoting their small village of Cong as...

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Default Thread Title:  Memorial Museum in the Round Corner - Former Stasi Headquarters in Leipzig (Gedenkstätte Museum in der Runden Ecke)

Memorial Museum in the Round Corner (Gedenkstätte Museum in der Runden Ecke)
Dittrichring 24
04003 Leipzig

Memorial Museum in the Faithfully Preserved Former Leipzig Stasi Headquarters

The name "Round Corner" is due to the curve in the architecture of the building on the corner of the Dittrichring in central Leipzig. In this building, the East German secret police, or Stasi, for forty years conducted a reign of terror via state security services on the people of East Germany, of which Leipzig was a part.

The museum is now run by the Citizens Committee and serves as a memorial to those who suffered and died, as well an informational center providing open information about the time period and Stasi crimes in the GDR. Leipzig was the center of the Peaceful Revolution that helped bring an end to the Communist regime, and this makes the Stasi museum here an even more meaningful location to visit. These rooms are the only Stasi offices in Germany that have been thusly preserved and are able to be visited.

The permanent exhibit in the museum is called "Stasi - Power and Banality" and it is indeed extremely powerful, comprising a hallway of rooms packed with objects, photographs, documents, and artifacts from the time of the GDR that demonstrate both the actions of the Stasi secret police services and the lives of the citizens. Everything is laid out in the uncomfortably banal and simplistic style characteristic of the GDR regime. The artifacts on display, such as complicated and secretive listening devices, items preserved in jars and intended to serve as scent samples, and a diving suit worn by officers patrolling the waters for escapees are all unbelievably powerful reminders of the surreal world that was once East Germany.

In addition to the permanent exhibition, there is usually a small temporary installation on one of the upper floors with a history of another pivotal GDR event or location, such as the Dresden train station.
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