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Castlemartyr Luxury 5 Star Resort in Cork, Ireland

Located in County Cork, Ireland, the luxury Castlemartyr Resort consists of a grand 17th century country manor house that sits adjacent to the ruins of an 800-year-old-castle.

The 5 star hotel includes a 10 treatment room Spa, a fitness studio, and a Ron Kirby designed golf course.

The hotel offers 103 guest rooms, suites and self catering accommodation. The spacious ...

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I like orbitz for their advanced search options and priceline for special deals.
I also use expedia because they have good international hotel rates and options.
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Stephanie Abrams Stephanie Abrams is online now
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Default Thread Title:  Where to start with a trip. . .

I'm still a great believer in travel agents who gets feedback from their clients and experience places themselves so you get real info instead of some of the hype from wide angle cameras of places that don't look anything like what you see online.

As far as booking engines go, Orbitz is owned by the airlines they represent and was created as a consumer site for those airlines. So you generally won't find some carriers represented in the US or abroad that provide good quality service and inexpensive fares.

If you are traveling within Europe for your trip, you can often find some good fares to get to London as one of the closest entry points and then try using for fares from the UK to just about anywhere. The combination of fares is often much less than a non-stop to your destination. Also, if you need air travel in Europe it's generally cheaper to buy it from, a European website, than buying the same fares through some US carrier as an add-on.

You might also want to check out and and

Lastly, if you are using Orbitz or any of the others you mentioned, check out their rates, find the flights you like best, note the price they are charging and then go directly to the airline and flight you like at the airline's site. You'll find that the price is anywhere, generally, from $10 to $30 cheaper which represents the fee imposed for the booking at the internet booking site representing that airline.

Hope that helps and happy journeys!
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Stephanie Abrams
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I notice that the prices are the same accross the board. The only time it makes a difference is when you're searching for something specific like airport shuttles or pet accommodations at hotels. Some just provide a little extra information - when you need it.
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