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Default Thread Title:  Top 10 Romantic Getaways
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Default Thread Title:  Honey Moon Travels

Hi All,
Planning a wedding is hard, but planning honeymoon is twice as hard. It is so because of the so many opportunities and even more places that you want to visit, but I think none of them is not The One.
It’s because you are just looking for the perfect honeymoon vacation spot and you fear not to choose the wrong one. The honeymoon should be a romantic getaway to sunny and exotic island, where time has stopped. It is forbidden to think about work and schedules. Just leave the to the reality. Do not be afraid to make choices, just pick the right place. Choose your place.
This island paradise attract with its virgin and sunny beaches, cozy alcoves and houses with straw roofs, scattered near the water. You can relax with a Polynesian spa procedures or to indulge in one of the countless water sports. Hospitality and warmth of local people is proverbial and warms your heart, even after you come back home.
When speaking about love, Rome is its pier! There is always some magic in the air, despite the unabated flow of tourists and the tensions of the city. In Rome, anywhere you are surrounded by gardens, fountains and raving classical mythology. Be sure to cast behind a coin, so you can come back again.
There isn’t a better place to stay in Rome the Hotel de Russie. The hotel is located close Babuino street, with its great shops and restaurants, crossed by boulevards leading back to Piazza del popolo.
Do we have to mention it? Not for other reason, but because it is probably already in your list. The city of light, famous for its expensive, elegant style, it offers a variety of entertainment. Yet, Paris is the crossing line for the regular guy, and noble. Paris will meet you with the much loved by French people risotto and a variety of French desserts.
From Luxemburg’s gardens to the boat trip at sunset, Paris remains the other name of romance.
The landscape there is so deep that it will be hard for to believe how such a diverse beauty is collected at one place - magnificently vegetation, alpine meadows, mountains and large coastal rain forests. Adventurous couples should not miss to visit the crater of the Kilauea volcano.
Traditional music, historical sites, crazy nights at the beach discos, coral reefs - the list is long! The architecture of the XVIII century and the rich culture are also part of it, but tourists often do not even suspect that, although this type of tourism on the Bahamas is also developed and promoted. Many preferred option is hiring an independent villa with a sea view instead of the traditional stay in a hotel.
From the symbol of love - Taj Mahal - to the ship’s pier in Kerala, India promises you an exotic travel even for a royal couple. Elephants, history, art and culture - all of them will remain in your memories. Manali ski slopes and the discos on the beaches of Goa are always available in this very modern and very western in style.
Caribbean cruise
There is nothing more romantic than a boat trip at sunset. Or maybe there is - deserted island beaches, restaurants with views towards the ocean, spa procedures for couples. And these are just some of the options. Most companies that offer cruises have additional offers to the basic package, customized specifically for newlywed couples. The honeymoon passes in a refined, elegant environment, which lose touch with the everyday life.
The choice now should be easy. If not yet, at least the range of options is reduced. Well, think quickly, locking suitcases and go because it is really tempting.

Best Regards

victorian inn bed and breakfast
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Thanks for this good information.
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The India honeymoon tour to any of the wonderful places can give you best memories of love spent with your beloved. For instance, the honeymoon tour at any of the mesmerizing hill stations in India will be awesome one to delight. The coastline of South India is extensive and covered with beautiful beaches and hill stations. Kodaikanal is a popular hill station in south India. This hill station has lovely lakes, rocks, woods, cool climate which adds charm to this place Kodaikanal has many tourist places and sightseeing attractions. Needless to mention that Kodaikanal tourist places is a summer retreat for weary travelers, who find the place a heaven to escape from the daily monotony.
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We went to Sicily and it was perfect. It has beaches and history and you can do as much, or as little, as you you choose to. We stayed in one of these and got a little place for the two of us. I think it's easy to underestimate how stressed out you are after planning a wedding and it's good to get away somewhere not too hectic.
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