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Default Thread Title:  Camp Unleashed

"Travel with Stephanie Abrams!" Radio Show, August 09, 2009 Hour 3:

Listen to Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams interview Annie Brody, Founder and Owner, Camp Unleashed, Becket, Massachusetts here.

Show notes for this interview and other materials are available here.

You can visit Camp Unleashed online at
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Thumbs up Thread Title:  Camp Unleashed-An Oasis for dogs and their owners

For the uninitiated dog lovers of New England a MUST destination of your summer and fall travel plans has to be Camp Unleashed. I have been attending camp now going on four years with my labs Shelby and Greta and have been singing the praises of this wonderful weekend getaway ever since.

I cannot say enough of the atmosphere that founder Annie Brody has created in the serene setting of the Berkshire Mountains in Mass. Camp Becket is now the location of camp that is soon approaching this coming Labor Day weekend and the girls and i cannot wait to return to embrace the comfort and camaraderie of canine aficionados such as myself that decend on Camp Unleashed with unbridled enthusiasm.

We attended the June 2009 session of camp to check out the new surroundings and were very pleasantly surprised at the layout and features of the camp. wide open spaces, a beautiful lake that beckons to be enjoyed, mountain trails that beg to be explored with your expert guide and last but not least a cook that will leave you wishing you could take her home. The food was that good. Add on the plethora of classes and seminars offered over the long weekend for you and your four-legged family and you will wonder what took you so long to discover this place.

If you are looking for a place that you can watch your dog enjoy the ultimate in off-leash freedom while making what will sure to be lifelong friends for yourself i cannot recommend this place enough and for that matter September cannot come quick enough.

If Shelby and Greta could speak i know they would agree!!!!
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Obviously you know all about Camp Unleashed and love it!

We had Annie Brodie on the radio show again a couple months ago. Check out this thread for more info and to listen to the interview:
Dru Abrams | Founder and CEO | Travelers411 Family of Brands | | | | |
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Thumbs up Thread Title:  Camp Unleashed-3 weeks away and counting!!!!

Yes it is apparent that i absolutely adore Annie and the Camp Unleashed experience. the sheer joy i see on my two labs faces the entire time we are there is so uplifting. to share this experience with other dog owners who feel the same way only makes the weekend that much more memorable. 3 weeks to go and we will be there again!!!!
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I was on Molokai'i not long ago, and it was one big camp unleashed. They even have a motto there - no leash, no problem. It's every dog's paradise - not to mention a human paradise as well! Am excited to check out the Camp next time in New England!
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