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neverstoper neverstoper is offline
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Default Thread Title:  I need some help on my vacation choice

Does anyone know of a good vacation destination in costa rica?
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dabrams dabrams is offline
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Default Thread Title:  Ask Stephanie

You might want to also ask this question in the Ask Stephanie forum. Be sure to include as much information about yourself, budget, where you are traveling from etc. so she can help guide you.
Dru Abrams | Founder and CEO | Travelers411 Family of Brands | | | | |
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Stephanie Abrams Stephanie Abrams is offline
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Default Thread Title:  In Costa Rica, try the all-inclusive Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa ...

I don't have enough info to guide you well since knowing your budget, the lifestyle you seek when traveling, number of people in your group and whether you like to rough it or travel in luxury, I can give you a quick fix regarding where I might go if I were going to Costa Rica! Try the Hilton Papgayo Costa Rica.
If you'd like to hear an interview, the audio of that interview, along with a summary of what the General Manager of the resort had to say about the place and rounded out with some very nice photos that will give you some insights into what you'll find at that resort can be found by clicking on this link. The archived audio interview, synopsis of the interview and accompanying photos are all posted in HOUR 2 of that episode of Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams.
Let me know more about you, your vision for your journey, and other factors if you are looking for a different kind of experience but if I were going, this is where I would stay!
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Stephanie Abrams
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