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Smile Thread Title:  Cross The Atlantic......Delayed

We have delayed the trip...Cross The Atlantic and the movie; S O S: Most Dangerous Voyage The reason we delayed the trip is simple, the gentleman that has agreed to pay for the movie has not made the first payment.

He tells me that the reason he has not made the first payment is because he floated a $500,000,000 bond with UBS. It has been in the papers that UBS is holding up payments on 11 Billion dollars of bonds. Wow. The investor tells me that UBS is telling him any day now, but I am not so sure. I called UBS and asked them. They agreed that they have settled out of court for 11 billion in bonds on August 8, 2008. The lady I spoke to did not know when they were going to make the payments. The investor says his deal is a seperate deal, a 500 million dollar bond is a big deal. We are holding our breath to see if he gets some of his money, so we can get funded.

In the meantime we are looking for funding from other sources. The trip itself will cost about $50,000 minimum, we budgeted $125,000 to make sure all details get covered with a little to spare.

The first part of the movie, the raw footage includding the $125,000 comes to $316,000. The investor has agreed to reimburse any funding we can find when his bond money comes in. One analyst told me it could be 90 days or more before he gets his money. We also have told people we would work out any investment or advertising deal in the movie or the trip, they wanted to work out. My brother Bob and I really want to go. This will be our third and fourth world record. Unfortunately, we are in need of the capital. So now you know why we have delayed. Details of the trip can be seen at http://www.CrossTheAtlantic.Com

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