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camelia camelia is offline
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Well I am planning to visit Ireland soon. I am looking for decent and reasonable hotel in Dublin. What are main places of interest in Ireland. Kindly let me know.
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Stephanie Abrams Stephanie Abrams is offline
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Default Thread Title:  Camelia, sit down for a week or 2 and I'll fill you in on Ireland!

Wow! That's a tall order, Camelia, because there are sooooooooo many places of interest in Ireland! Maybe we can start with just Dublin and its environs. While I'm going to share some wonderful places for you to visit in and around Dublin, I really should know the following from you: What month(s) will you be traveling? How many days will you spend in Ireland. Will you want to visit other places around Ireland? Can you rent a car or would you travel by train or bus? If you can provide those insights I'll be able to be more specific about other places to visit.

In and around Dublin be sure to visit the following:
In Dublin go to:
Trinity College right in the center of town and visit the Book of Kells Exhibit. Be sure to go upstairs to see the marvelous library of books that include first edition copies of Shakespeare and Chaucer and wonderful displays of books that line your walk through the library.

Go to the National Library which is only a few blocks from St. Stephen's Green, to see the Yeats Exhibit. It's FREE and it is an amazing interactive experience into the life of William Butler Yeats. The quality of this experience is nothing short of superb! They've actually built a replica of his boudoir where he romanced women, his library, personal items, and a round space into which you enter to see projected around you the landscapes of the places he wrote about in a panorama that surrounds you as you hear some famous Irishmen (actors and singers and others) reach his poetry as the words are projected into one panel of the panoramic views surrounding it. It's awesome!

For a panoramic view of Dublin, go to the top of Dublin's tallest building as part of your tour of the Guinness Storehouse. As you go through the tour you'll see how they make their world renowned product and you'll be able to email postcards to your friends with your photo on it while you're meandering through the tour which ends on the top floor. You'll be offered a beverage of your choice which might include a glass of Guinness' Ale or a soft-drink if you prefer while you're admiring Dublin from atop the building.

You'll want to roam around the Temple Bar section which is always a happening and stroll along Grafton Street which is an open-air mall of great shops.

Just walking around Dublin is an experience. If you enjoy theatre, see what's playing at The Abbey Theatre of its downstairs stage, The Peacock. There are always wonderful plays running and you'll find entertainment just about everywhere.

For an evening of authentic Irish music and dance, take the DART (Dublin's rapid transit) to the fishing village of Howth which is about a 40 minute train ride (maybe less) from Dublin and go to the Abbey Tavern. Call for reservations as they often sell out. Tell them I said to take extra good care of you!

You can also take the DART to Malahide Castle which is only about 10 minutes from Dublin Airport. It's a gorgeous castle, beautifully furnished and full of history. The tour guides are great. If you get to meet Phil, say hello from me. Phil, BTW, is a woman whose name is Philomena! She knows everything there is to know about Malahide! The castle and its grounds are gorgeous. They sometimes have concerts on the grounds of the castle so depending on the time of year you go you might want to check out the possibility of a concert.

There are half-day and full-day sightseeing tours to Powers Court Falls, Powers Court House and Gardens and Glendalough from Dublin. If you don't rent a car, this could be an efficient way to get to see all of them. The falls are glorious, the house and gardens are beautiful and filled with history and Glendalough reflects early Spiritual Ireland. The exhibit is terrific and walking the grounds is worth the trip.

As for where to stay, I have my favorites! I don't know what your price range is or if you are sharing the expenses with one or more roommates but I highly recommend The Morgan on Fleet Street in the Temple Bar section. It's right next door to the Hard Rock Cafe so that should give you some indication of the lively feel of the neighborhood. If you can give me more insights into when, how long, budget, I can give you more specifics. Wish I could come along and play guide for you! You are going to have a ball! How could you not. . . you'll be in Ireland!
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Stephanie Abrams
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