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Default Thread Title:  Hotel suggestions for honeymoon in Hawaii

My fiancee and I are in the process of planning our wedding, and of course that includes the honeymoon. We are interested in going to Hawaii, specifically Kona (the big island). Has anyone been to the area and have any recommendations for resorts, or any that should definitely be avoided. Also, are there any must do activities while we are there? Thanks for your help.
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You will love Mauna Lani Bay Resort! It's about 10 minutes from Kona where the airport is. The airport is adorable. It looks like and open-air Pizza Hut! The hotel will come and get you if you arrange that with them or you can pick up a car. The drive to the hotel is unusual because in the dark lava fields along the side of the road people have been leaving graffitti-style messages for decades made out of placing tiny white stones in place. You'll see other couple in love have left their messages along the route as well.

Mauna Lani has lovely and very comfortable accommodations as well as luxurious individual villas that they call "bungalows." They are about 1500 square feet of indoor living space plus about 1200 square feet of "lanai" space which is an outdoor deck/terrace system that gives you lots of privacy. . . if you can afford it as it is a bit pricey. But you should be able to handle room space if you adjust the number of days you want to be away by the room night cost!

They have a great spa, golfing on property, a gorgeous beach area and sea turtles will swim up to you to play! They are very friendly and live on the property. There are beach chairs with cocoon-like awnings that pull up to shade you from the sun and the beach is dotted with palm trees. The sand is like sugar!

The lobby is several stories tall and there are palm trees and lots of other vegetation growing in the lobby through which a wonderful waterfalls cascades. Some of the trees are at least 40 feet tall. The place just exudes romance and is perfect for a honeymoon.

I sent a couple there for their 40th wedding anniversary as part of my Travel Fairy Godmother mission. They were very well traveled and when they returned they raved about the place. One of the things I remember most is that Gail Davis said she looked at the brochure when the documents for travel arrived, thought the room was lovely but figured her room wouldn't look like that. When she got there and walked into the room it looked exactly the same as the brochure. The hotel's accommodations, except for suites and bungalows, look just like that picture so you won't see one thing and get something else.

Most rooms have balconies and you'll be facing the best sunsets you'll ever see!

Here are show notes for an interview we did with the Director of Marketing with the resort

You can hear archived interviews with key management at Mauna Lani Resort by clicking

Let me know if you're planning to go there and you're arrival date and I'll let the management know you're a special visitor to!

Stephanie Abrams
Travel Expert
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Default Thread Title:  Hotel suggestions for honeymoon in Hawaii

I want to pick the perfect place for my honeymoon but i can not seem to find what i want. Does anyone know where i can take my wife for a beautiful romantic getaway. I would like It to be outside the U.S. and to have beautiful beaches and beautiful rooms with a view and a casino.
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Are you looking for a place in Hawaii or someplace different? I don't think Hawaii has Casino's, but others in the forums may have more current info on Hawaii than I do.

Also, what is your price range and how long of a Honeymoon are you planning? Also can you describe yourselves a bit as to what kind of a vibe you are looking for? I.e. someplace with lots of other couples, or someplace very secluded? Someplace all-inclusive or someplace a la carte? Would you want to mostly stay put in one place or plan any excursions and if so what activity level would you be thinking of?

Those answers will get us going with giving some specific help.
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