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Default Best Karate Gankaku

I am so glad I recently purchased the Best karate for Gankaku. I noticed 3 techniques I was doing slightly different from specification..and another 2 that I was doing at the wrong speed! well as 39 techniques that I am apparently doing quite true to form, so that's always nice validation

Anyway, after the step by step explanation of the kata, there is a section demonstrating possible applications for each technique. In my copy its page 69 and my question is about figure 9 representing techniques 37-38.

The text says:
"After upper level sword hand block, grab oponent's wrist and pull upward to break his balance and attack to the jaw with an upward elbow strike."

Ok...then it says: "It is important to slide the foot forward before turning the hip on the side of the striking elbow."

My boggle is this: In the kata, the feet don't move for those techniques. In technique 36 you are in Kiba dachi. For technique 37 you transition, feet in place, into zenkutsu-dachi, and execute 37/38/39.

So what's this foot sliding business about? I see front stance as perfectly effective for the knife hand block/elbow strike/grab.

Does anyone have any insights?

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I have seen the comments and the question and thought that Niju Kun No. 18 probably provides an answer: "Kata is about correct and proper form; engaging in a real fight is something else".
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Thanks Mr. Z. Hard to argue with those Niju Kun.

I'm thinking the Best-karate has a typo or is just using unclear language... or they are saying get into the opponents space, then retract the foot along with the hip.

Hard to know sometimes if you reference has an error or its your understanding of the reference that's in error.
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