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Default Thread Title:  Best place to dive Great Barrier Reef?

We are in Brisbane and are driving up north to Cairns. Do anyone know WHERE along the coast it is best to dive at the Barriere Reef. I have heard that is can be a huge difference when it comes to where you are diving.

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Thumbs up Thread Title:  Diving on Great Barrier Reef, Australia

You've come to the right place! Contact the Cairns Dive Centre and ask for Rick Miles who is the manager. They are very experienced and have a good reputation for the quality of the services they provide for divers. You can visit their website at or you can drop Rick a note at Tell him that Stephanie Abrams referred you and that I expect him to take great care of you or he'll hear from me!!

I actually met Rick a few weeks ago at the Queensland Australia Tourism event in Long Beach, California and he is clearly passionate about his company and the services they provide. The interview I did with him is posted at and appeared on the April 11,2009 show of Traveling Feet so you can hear him talk about what they do and how they do it.

If you're looking for an affordable, comfortable, laid-back hotel where divers like to stay and enjoy life (and drinking), consider Gilligan's Backpackers Hotel & Resort in Cairns. You can visit their site at The Business Development Manager is Rachel Harper. Ask for Rachel if you stay there and let her know I expect her to take great care of you!

If you're looking for something more luxurious or want to splurge for a night or two, or longer if your budget allows, try the Cairns Colonial Club Resort. Their website is www.cairnscolonial Paulo Gambino is a great friend and will be thrilled to welcome you! If you stay there, be sure to contact him (and tell him I said he should upgrade you to a better room than you paid for if he has the space available! As a special member of, and visitor to, you rate that kind of service!)

Let me know if you act on any of the above suggestions and when you'll be there. I'd love to get you on the air with me by telephone while you are traveling or when you return to talk about your experiences diving in the Great Barrier Reef and staying in Cairns.

Also: Check out and These two companies offer experiences that every visitor to the region will enjoy. Ask for Leslie Miles at Jugle Surfing and Mary Mourgelas at Cruise Whitsundays and tell them I sent you and that I expect them to treat you like royalty!

One last place you might want to check out, even if it's just to stop there for a drink if you can't stay there overnight is Thala Beach Lodge, While I haven't been there, I've met with Michelle Behsman who works at the resort and she's made me a believer. The place is intimate, gorgeous and a beach-lover's paradise!

Let us know what you do, where you go, and what you think about the places I've recommended. And most of all, have a blast! I really hope we can get you on the radio with me to share your experiences with my audiences on Traveling Feet and Travel WITH Stephanie Abrams!

(And where do you live when you're not traveling and surfing the globe?)

Your personal travel expert,
Stephanie Abrams
Radio Show Host
Travel Expert
Stephanie Abrams

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