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Default Thread Title:  Reducing Flying Stress

"Traveling Feet" Radio Show, June 20, 2009 hour 2:

Listen to Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams interview DJ Frost, NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotist and Pilot, here. Show notes for this interview and other materials are available here.

You can visit DJ online at
Dru Abrams | Founder and CEO | Travelers411 Family of Brands | | | | |
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I personally like Kava Kava
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Rather than thinking of all this as a stressful hassle, think of it as an adventure -- or at the very least, a challenge.
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Travel agencies have a wide range of benefits, some of which are found among them:

They make it easy to make long trips abroad. They take care of simplifying the client's procedures with the corresponding foreign companies. They save time since the Travel Agencies are completely in charge of planning routes, hotel reservations, restaurants, displacements, etc. Tourists are assured the most essential and usual visits at the point of visit. In trips to exotic or conflictive countries, the option is given to go with the help of a local guide to help with certain incidents that may arise. You will find excellent advantageous prices by taking advantage of specific offers in certain seasons. The trip usually includes the costs of medical insurance and travel assistance. It operates mostly with automated reservation systems that are banks where you get information about flights, existing seats, meals, among others.
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