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Considered one of the top orchestral ensembles in the world, the BSO, under the direction of Music Director Andris Nelson celebrating his second season in 2015-2016, performs in Boston's historic Symphony Hall from late September to early May and at their summer home Tanglewood located in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts in July and August.

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Default Thread Title:  Student Travel Tips

There's no doubt that visiting the likes of New York, London, Paris and the rest of the world's top cities can be the most fantastic and enriching experience. But it doesn't come cheap.

And if there's one thing that unites all student travelers, no matter where they're from, it's a budget.... Because if you don't manage to stick to it and over-spend, you can end up in a lot of trouble with a mountain of debt when you get home!
A good student card like STA can go some way towards alleviating the problem. For as little as $25 (19/13) a year, you can really drive costs down. And with a whole host of savings and student discounts available all around the globe, it really can't fail to pay off in the long run.

In addition to a student card, a rail card can really reduce your travel expenses if you're traveling in one geographical area, like the United States or Europe. Apart from giving you freedom to travel around your chosen area, this is a great saving device.
Do some research before you set off (or whenever you've got access to the internet on the road) for recommendations on cheap hostels and a general overview of the city. And after that It's a good guidebook all the way. This will give you a good idea of how much a drink and a bite to eat at such-and-such a bar or restaurant costs. Most even have budget travel sections for each city, town or area.
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Default Thread Title:  Some Useful Travel Tips When Traveling to India

If you are planning on traveling with your family then you must keep some safety travel tips in your mind.
Some important and safety travel tips that a traveler must keep in mind while traveling to India are:
1. Before incoming to a tourist destination in India, a traveler must be aware of the all local laws and customs prevailing in that region. This will help the traveler to enjoy a confusion free vacation.
2. To enjoy a irritate free vacation in India, it is important to always keep in touch with your contacts back home and in India and regularly informed them about your location and activities.
3. Never disclose any important personal matters and travel plans to any stranger while holidaying in India.
4. To avoid incident of pick pocketing, always keep your wallet inside the jacket pocket or side trouser pocket. Don't carry large amount of cash with you.
5. Always keep the attested Photostat copies of your travel documents with you while put away the originals in some safe place.
6. While traveling in India, try to hire cabs or taxis from probable travel operators or personnel such as Tourism-of-India Tour Operator. It will help you to avoid any problematic situation.
7. Don't seek advice of the taxi drivers for accommodation. It will be better if you search best hotels on the internet for your comfortable staying.

8. Try to carry proper medications and drink only bottled mineral water to avoid various water-borne diseases and don't take spicy foods while vacationing in India.
9. Try to learn some local words. In north India Hindi is the primary language, Southern India has a separate language for each State. Lot of people in India speaks English, especially in popular tourist places.
10. Most important thing is choosing hotels for your staying. Make sure that the accommodation you choose is in a peaceful location and offers the type of facilities
Hotel Laxmi Palace is heartily inviting you to experience the blended attraction of a traditional Rajasthan (India). You can book your rooms online by visiting this link:

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