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berry berry is offline
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Default Thread Title:  Best Destination for Morocco Holidays


I am Berry. I am planning to visit Morocco this summers and I am looking for the recommendations to spend summer holidays in Morocco. I've heard quite a lot about Agadir, Marrakech & Casablanca, but I am bit confused which city is more ideal & peaceful to spend my holidays in Summers.
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Stephanie Abrams Stephanie Abrams is offline
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Default Thread Title:  Visiting Morocco in Summer. . .

Morocco is an exotic and wonderful destination which offers a diverse array of unique experience for the traveler. You'll find Casablanca holds the perfect blend of traditional and historic experiences that will bring the film, "Casablanca," to mind. It's a port city so you have the added allure of the sea. There are wonderful monuments and unique attractions. . . my favorite was, of all things, the olive market! It's an eye-opening experience to see barrels of olives organized by variety and sizes from the size of a pea to as big as a jumbo egg! We had such fun there. . .but we're a little strange! Whatever your interest, you'll find your curiosity quenched in Casablanca.

In this world full of surprises, I'd recommend that you work with a tour operator with a solid reputation who can provide you with the level of care and attention that you desire AND is an expert in tourism in Morocco. You'll want to work with a company that can answer your specific questions on the destinations you want to see and offer you the opportunity to have your itinerary carved out and give you a "hosted tour" where you have a contact for further assistance to the planned route, a partially or fully hosted tour where you have the assistance at the level you'd live during your travels. In today's world, visiting a destination like Morocco, there's added security in knowing that there are professionals in travel who know where you are, or are supposed to be, every day of your trip.

One such company that has an excellent reputation, in general, and does a wonderful job customizing your trip just for you and your wishes or offering set itineraries to the places of most value and benefit to visitors, is Homeric Tours which is celebrating their 50th year in business this year! Longevity in the travel industry is a sure sign of a company that has a handle on knowing what it's doing and keeping travelers happy and coming back for more adventures with them. They started out, 50 years ago, specializing in Greece and, as more and more travelers came back from trips enjoying the caring services and itineraries they provided for the customized/independent traveler and the fully escorted traveler, these happy campers wanted to go elsewhere in the world and still enjoy the benefits offered by Homeric Tours so the company grew and spread into other destinations over the years so that they could meet the needs of these travelers as returning clients! And part of that growth took the to Italy, Portugal, Eastern European destinations, and so many more destinations including such places as Jordan . . . and Morocco! They have offices in the US and in Europe and you'll have no trouble connecting with them. Start by reading this info on Morocco on their website which will start to give you the specific answers you're interested. . . and note that they are ready to customized a trip just for you! But, if you are going exploring beyond the metropolis of Casablanca which is a truly modern and bustling city which offers fun and exotic experiences, if you're looking for something quieter and more romantic and a step back in time, the other Fez, Agadir and Marrakesh can offer that to you with the help of experts who focus on every detail of a visit to that destination. I wouldn't recommend, if exploring those other regions are on your list, that you rent a car or a camel and take off into the desert! For the outer regions, give strong consideration to buying into a hosted itinerary which will also plow so much efficiently into each day so that you don't waste time trying to figure out where you want to go and what you should experience since they have super experience at this kind of thing!
Let me know if you need more insights.
This is the Morocco info home page for Homeric Tours. Have a look at this:

I'm going to invite someone from Homeric Tours to address your questions as well to give you the benefit of their expert advice on Morocco. Do let me know when you have more questions and we'll do our best to help!
Happy Travels!
Stephanie Abrams
Radio Show Host
Travel Expert
Stephanie Abrams
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