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Get your tickets now for a very special Boston Pops season at Symphony Hall. Keith Lockhart and the Boston Pops present a season long tribut to the legendary John Williams with ten concerts featuring his film scores from "E.T.", "Jaws", "Raiders of the Lost Arc", "Star Wars", "Harry Potter" and more.

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Default Thread Title:  Contest Terms and Conditions

These are general terms and conditions for contests. Individual contests or prizes may have specific requirements. Please use this information as a guide only.

General Contest Rules, Terms, and Conditions for all travel prizes:
1. All winners, and their guests, if applicable, must be at least 21 years of age unless the prize is specifically designed for the winner's guest to be under 21 years of age.

2. Winners must submit at least 3 requested dates for their prize usage in the order of their preference.

3. Confirmed dates of travel are subject to peak blackout periods, holiday blackouts, and are subject to availability based on the judgment of the donating hoteliers, airlines, car rental companies, cruise lines and other suppliers.

4. The decision of the travel suppliers concerning acceptable dates of travel is at the discretion and sole judgment of the travel suppliers.

5. Travel prizes are not transferable, have no cash value, and are void where regulated, prohibited or taxed.

6. Where hotel/only or cruise/only are awarded, travel to and from the hotel or pier are the sole responsibility of the winner. Where the winner wins airline tickets from a particular gateway city of an airline, transportation to and from that gateway city are the sole responsibility of the winner.

7. While all prizes are complimentary to the winner, some prizes may not include government taxes, surcharges and fees which are the sole responsibility of the winner. This is frequently, but not always, the case with cruise prizes and airline ticket prizes and car rental companies which may require the winner to pay for collision damage waivers, liability, and other insurances.
8. Prizes must be used within time limits set by each supplier and may not be extended beyond the limit dates.

9. Once names have been submitted and travel arrangements have been confirmed by the supplier(s), no changes are permitted. No accommodation will be made to provide the winner with the prize in the event of cancellation of trip by winner, interruption of trip by winner during the course of utilizing the travel prize, or no-show of winner on the date the travel prize is confirmed to commence.

10. The winner, and any guests, if applicable, acknowledge that Stephanie Abrams and Business Talk Radio Network are indemnified and held harmless in all matters relating to the fulfillment of the travel prizes and services provided by all hotels, resorts, cruise lines, airlines, car rental companies, and all others participating in providing travel
prizes which are solely responsible for any and all concerns and /or claims resulting from such service fulfillment. The winner acknowledges that all such claims will be addressed directly to the travel supplier who provided the travel prize and not to Stephanie Abrams, Travel With Stephanie Abrams, nor the Business Talk Radio Network.

11. Winners are responsible for all personal expenses, purchases, meals which are not included in the prize, gasoline and other car servicing costs associated with rental car prizes including but not limited to damage to vehicles, traffic summonses, and other costs associated with utilizing the prize.

12. Winners must sign the declaration of understanding and acceptance of the rules, terms and conditions associated with their prizes in the presence of a Notary Public within 21 days of winning their prize and return to the address shown so that it arrives not later than 30 days from the date of winning the prize.
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