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Travelers411 Radio Show Podcast
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This 3 hour weekly podcast covers a wide variety of travel topics and destinations with great guests from hotels, attractions, tour operators, CVB's and government to bring you a detailed look at travel and tourism options for both the leisure and business traveler. You can subscribe to the weekly podcast by using the link above in itunes, or your favorite podcast program.

Catch up on the last 4 shows by tuning into our web stream here.

"Travel with Stephanie Abrams!" Radio Show Podcast
URL for "Travel with Stephanie Abrams!" Radio Show Podcast:

Travel the world with show host Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams and find out about great destinations for both business and leisure. Each week a wide range of Industry experts share information about destinations both in the United States as well as around the world. Get advice about traveling, renting a car, picking a cruise line, plus information and insights about destinations around the globe.

Catch up on the last 4 shows by tuning into our web stream here.

Travelers411 Travel PR Podcast
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Travelers411 Travel PR user submitted travel news and announcements are a great way to find out about events and venues in your local community and around the globe. Travel PR segments are played on the Travelers411 Radio Stream and podcasts.

Catch up on the latest travel news by tuning into our web stream here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do I need an iPod to Podcast?
No, you do not need an iPod to Podcast or even use iTunes. All of the podcast files are encoded as mp3 files, the most universal format for listening on various devices. You can listen to each podcast using almost any computer application: iTunes, Windows Media Player, Real Audio Player, WinAmp, and many others. If you like, you can burn the files to a CD for personal use so you can listen in your car or at home on your stereo. You can also transfer these files to any portable media device like the iPod or other mp3 players - and now even mobile phones. Please keep in mind that all materials on this site are protected by US Copyright laws and we reserve all rights. We do not allow distribution, editing, mixing, webhosting of audio or other Travelers411 media on any website or any other use other than that listed above without a signed written use agreement. You may however link to any files on this site from your own with or without special permission. Please give site and authorship credit where possible.

How do I subscribe to the Podcast?
If you would like to automatically download new shows each week you will need to download and install Podcast subscription software to your computer.
Then copy and paste the URL for your podcast into the software.
We recommend using iTunes for your Podcast, iTunes is free for PC and Mac and can be downloaded here.

What is Podcasting?
Podcasting is a method of publishing media such as audio or video, to the Internet, allowing users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically by subscription instead of going online each time you want to look for new episodes.

Podcast Feed Link
Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8 can subscribe and manage your podcast within your browser from this Podcast feed link by choosing to subscribe to this feed. Older internet browsers may not recognize this podcast feed, in which case you can use podcasting software such as iTunes to subscribe to the podcast.

What is the advantage of Podcasting?
Subscribing to the Podcast allows you to listen to the program when and where you want to. Even streaming may prove difficult because you have to be at your computer to listen to the program, which means you can't listen to the program in your car, on the bus, on the train, or sometimes even at your office (system administrators sometimes restrict streaming audio because it eats up bandwidth).

Setting up your Podcast in iTunes
1. Download iTunes to your computer (PC or Mac).
2. Install iTunes on your computer.
3. Once installed, open the iTunes player.
4. Go to and click on the podcast link for the show you'd like to podcast.
5. Then in the address bar of the browser window, highlight and copy (right-click -> copy) the entire address in the address bar (something like
2. Then go to iTunes and in the horizontal menu at the top, click "Advanced".
3. After the drop-down menu displays, click on "Subscribe to Podcast...".
4. In the URL prompt box, paste the URL you copied (right click in the box and select paste).
5. Hit OK and you have successfully subscribed to your Podcast.

Once the Podcast initially updates, you can click on the triangle located next to the Podcast in iTunes, this will display the files available for download.

If you are Podcasting the Travelers411 Radio Show or Travel with Stephanie Abrams! Radio Show and your podcast stops working please visit to see if we have changed the podcast address.

Add Podcasts
Subscribe to any podcast by dragging its URL into your podcast playlist or by choosing “Subscribe to Podcast” from the Advanced menu and typing the URL.

Podcast Settings
Open iTunes preferences to customize your podcast download settings. Check for new podcast episodes hourly, daily, weekly, or manually. Automatically download every episode or just the most recent ones. Keep all your episodes, delete them after you play them, or keep a specific number based on release date.

Podcast Times
Weekly show podcasts are usually available within a day or two after the original date of the radio show broadcast. This allows time to cut out the commercials for a commercial free podcast and post to the site.

Sync Your iPod to iTunes to Download Latest Podcasts
You can sync your iPod to iTunes to download the latest podcasts from iTunes. See instructions on syncing your iPod here from Apple's Support site.

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